Books For The Youth

At this particular date and time it is hard for me to reach a wide enough audience to sell my books. I have constantly purchased my own books and donated them to numerous libraries and other organizations. As good as it feels to do so, my funds are limited and my capability to donate books has reached its peek.
As a result, I have chosen to start a fund raising campaign so that I can donate books to schools and libraries across America.

The children books I write are character building books that all kids should read. The title of my book series is Getting Ready For The World with Boom Boom.
At this current time I have self-published six of the books in the series but the series consist of twenty-two books.
If I am successful with this go fund me, some of the proceeds will go to publish the other sixteen books in the series.

The topics I write about are real life issues that children deal with on an everyday basis.
I have a book that teaches children how to embrace their gifts and talents;
A book about teaching kids about the Value of a Dollar;
I have a book about bullying;
A book about why telling lies is bad;
And numerous other books.
If you would like to view the content of my books you can by going to and searching up Getting Ready For The World with Boom Boom by AR Dash

I believe that these books can help children in real time. But the only way to get these books into these kids hands is to raise this money and pay for the books myself.

If you are interested in helping me with my cause please know that you will not only be helping me but you will also be helping children across the country deal with issues that all children go through. I raised my goal to 1 million dollars because I think with that amount I can really make a difference.

To view the content of my books for yourself please click the link below:

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