Help my children to go to school in safer area

Help us to move to a safer area, and help my children to go to school, when we leave Great Britain to go to Iraq

Tagline: Please help me and my family move to a safer part of Iraq after my PhD.

I am from a war-zone in Iraq. In 2014, I was awarded a scholarship to study in the UK for a PhD in Structural Engineering. I specialise in Bridges Assessment.
My studies will help me to rebuild my country’s bridges and buildings, which have been destroyed in years of war. When I finish my PhD in September, my wife and I will move back to Iraq with our four children.
But it is not safe for us to return to our home town.
The city of Anbar, where we came from, is still a war-zone. Our house in Anbar has been destroyed. A dear friend was recently killed, along with his family of eight people. The civil war threatens us daily with kidnapping, bombing, and killing.
In addition, my young children have lived in the UK since 2014 and do not speak Iraqi.
So, we are going to try to move to Kurdistan, a safer place in the north of Iraq. We also hope to find funding so that my children can go to an English-speaking school in Kurdistan.
Every penny you give us will help us move. If we cannot find funding to move, my family will lose their future, their access to education, and we will be in danger. We cannot simply “go home”, as we have nothing left to return to.
Please help my children to continue in school, and help my family to live without the threat of bombing and kidnapping, while I work to rebuild my home country. Thank you.

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