Phone-Thrones® – Charging your Phone just GoT Epic!

The World’s only 15W Smart – Fun – Safe – Ethical, Universal Wireless Quick-Charge Stand

Make your phone feel like royalty! Game of Thrones is ending soon, but the Phone-Thrones GoT Wireless Phone Charger ensures that the fantasy isn’t over. This quick-charge 3.0 wireless charger stand looks just like the GoT throne. Compatible with any Qi-enabled device, it’ll make your phone feel like it’s reigning over your desk. And there’s no need for cords that add clutter. This Game of Thrones phone charger charges your smartphone quickly and efficiently. With a custom-designed smart quick-charge pad that uses USB-C connection, this wireless charger is a necessity for GoT enthusiasts. The designers even crafted the wireless charging pad to look like it has dragon scales. Plus, the eco-friendly wood material and simple, clean design make it perfect for any space. With safety in mind, it won’t overheat, short-circuit, or overcharge.

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