Cash Stack: Decentralised Rewards Gaming App

Cash Stack a decentralized rewards app: using your mobile phone do what you enjoy doing best while getting paid at the same time.

Whatever you do with apps and games on your mobile phones you are actually making money
with every click, but not for yourself, for the apps and games owners. But what if we make this a
WIN-WIN situation. You use the app do whatever you like, be it playing games, writing content,
posting pictures, interacting with your best apps, and whatever revenue is generated from your
engagement with the app you will get 40% share. Sounds cool and fair right?
How would it feel to play your best game or do what you do best with your mobile phone and at
The same time get rewarded for your engagement? Sound great and amazing.

Amazing, fantastic, and above all else, memorable design, combined with a unique method of
monetizing what you do best on your mobile phone. Of course, who could forget Cash Stack to
give the app that extra touch of perternity.

I have studied most app and game users and level the UI behind the app in order to capture the same feeling or even more, and bring it onto them, with the kinds of features that I always wished those apps and games had.


You simply get points having fun on the app (completing offers, playing games, chatting, posting unique contents, and lots more). The more you engage yourself with Cash Stack the more points you can potentially get. And finally you can redeem those points for Cash.


For the most part, the funding will be going to basic needs, such as rent and bills for our primary team, so we can work and improve the app as much as possible. These funds will also allow us to partner and integrate your best games and apps. After all, this is very important because if we don’t integrate your best games and apps, then you wont want to use it very much no matter how good we make it.

Naturally, some of the money will go to taxes and processing fes, app development e.t.c.

Meeting our goal will allow us to work on the app a great deal more than we can currently. I would personally be able to assemble a team of high end professionals to work on it full time so that we can serve you better…………WOOW! Thats unbelievable?

Most definitely, if you support us, you will be able to reap rewards in the app which can be redeemed to cash. There shall be titles and special thanks for anybody who support us. For those who go above and beyond, we have several tasty offers on the table, such as the chance to work with our team to implement what you think will be great on the app (something that suits you).

Ultimately, we just want to make the world a better place through this app. We are passionate and like minded people and we want to make an app that will benefit its users productively, make extra cash while having fun at the same time.

We have talents uniquely suited to make this real! And so far, we’ve come a long way in realizing that already. If you want to use it too hopefully you can help it happen.

Every little thing helps. If this project looks interesting to you, share it with your friends and family! Post it on your blog, email your boss or partners, or someone you’ve never even met. Seriously, this stuff helps more than you can imagine. Lets make the world a better place together. ???

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