Good samaratan devastated by fire.

My dad lost everything after a fire started at his home. Earlier in the day he helped to break up a physical altercation. He didnt know them but couldnt stand by and watch somone being hurt. He called law enforcement. Threats were made to him and later somone broke into his home and set his home on fire. Its still an ongoing investigation and hoping for more answears soon. When Dad moved to fl he spent his savings moving in to a place that had affordable monthly lot rent. He was also close so I could help cook, clean and get him to and from Dr apts etc and check in on him daily. We are all working toward hopefully getting him into a new affordable place he can afford monthly. Hes lost all of his personal belongings, household essentials, momentos from his late wife that were irreplaceable and aids(safety bars, shower seat etc). Any help getting him back on his feet is deeply appreciated. He is such an amazing man with a huge heart.

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