Divorce and Escape Domestic Abuse

The first time my husband knocked me down was within the first few months of our marriage. He could be the nicest guy in the world and then change on a dime into a rage monster. His rage didn’t always come at me, but as he over the years sabotaged my career and emptied my bank accounts, I became completely financially and emotionally dependent on him. We lived overseas for most of our marriage, large chunks of which I supported him completely. When we returned to the States in 2014, the emotional and physical abuse escalated. I am now left with nerve damage in my right elbow and hand. I am also suffering from well-documented PTSD. When I divorce my husband, I will lose my place to live and my health insurance. I have no close family to whom I can turn, and one can only impose on friends for so long. I need to be independent. I finally have the emotional fortitude to leave him, but I need financial support as well. I need to pay the lawyer and have enough money to move across the country to Maryland where I have an emotional support network. I’m trying to sell everything I own, but I’m only being offered one cent on the dollar for what they are worth.

The lawyer is asking $5000. A move to the East Coast will cost $4000. I will need money to find a place to live until I can find a job. I‘m guestimating $6000 will cover two months rent and a used car.

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