Psychotherapy Help


I suffer from PTSD stemming from unresolved childhood trauma, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and recurring depression.

I have complained continually to my Dr that I do not feel I am getting better; I have been hospitalised several times and had several suicide attempts. Unfortunately in May I was discharged by my NHS (public) psychologist! I spoke to my GP who said she would put me on the waiting list for psychotherapy which will take at least 2 years! And I would only be entitled to 6 sessions.

I have found a private psychotherapist with PHD who is close to me and she is willing to give me intense psychotherapy to deal with my issues and resolve them, although she believes it will take me at least 10 sessions, at £80 an hour.

It has taken me several years to struggle through life; I am 25 and still in my second year of college due to mental health setbacks.

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