Go Fund P for Music Visuals with “Digital Link” /Go Fund Me

I am currently incarcerated but still running my record label Global Mafia ENT LLC. I have been pumping out music the past year to a great success rate. But I realized that what’s missing is VISUALS. There is a sight called”Digital Link” that does animation videography & it’s my dream collaboration because they do excellent work & also because with an animation video I can be whatever I wanna be with zero restrictions (i.e freed, a super hero etc). The cost is above my budget because creation of the music itself plus the promotion I HAVE TO put behind it already has me over budget. Overhead is costly. So I’m soliciting help to make history. No 1 in hip hop has ever done what I’ve already done… This venture will SOLIDIFY my spot in hip hop lore & the annals of rap history. My release is coming soon & I’m primed for greatness. I promise the monies will be well spent. Respectfully, P-Dub of GME 🌍

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