Grimoire Season 2 – Anthology Web Series

Season 2 is on the way! After many months of consideration and many requests from fans, we’ve decided to continue the series as an anthology, exploring new stories and revisiting some old ones that still need to be finished. Season 1 was made with an out-of-pocket $2000 budget back in 2015-2016. This season we want take the show to the next level; darker themes, more actors, professional film gear, various locations, and even more exciting stories for you all to experience.

The Series:
The series follows a book of witchcraft (The Grimoire) as it’s passed on through time and space, leaving a significant impact on all of those who interact with it. In season 1, we meet “The Grimmies” (the lead cast) who are given the responsibility to keep the Grimoire safe and use its powers against the dark forces. Well, considering it’s a book of ancient sorcery with unknown origins, coveted by many, the Grimmies were bound to come across a few shenanigans. All 12 episodes of season 1, including a prequel short film and a holiday special, were released on Youtube. For season 2, we expand the Grimoire universe, traveling back and forth through time to explore the untold stories of those who have come across this book and how their lives were forever changed. It’s scarier, it’s funnier, and it’s great entertainment for teens and adults.

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