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On Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day), my step-father Dennis Plautz and mother Patricia were out to visit a furniture store to get a good deal on a lift chair for my step-father during the Memorial Day sale. While trying to exit the freway, an elderly woman (driving with her husband and granddaughter) missed a red light, and collided into my mother’s car going about 60 miles per hour. The car rolled once and landed on it’s wheels. The elderly woman and her families injuries weren’t life threatening. However, my step-father died at the hospital an hour later, and my mother, suffering from numerous injuries, is still in the ICU.

(Details of the Crash)

(Obituary Obituary for Denny)

My step-father had been I’ll for many many years, so it had always been the plan for mom to move near me once Denny had passed. Being my mother’s only child, that makes me the only person who can really be there for her for the long run. So, my husband Tristan and I returned to Seattle last week to put our affairs in order, get our things and move east to take care of her.

Because of the injuries, mom lost her spleen, gallbladder, her entire right colon, and had a laceration of her urinary bladder. She suffered several pelvic fractures, two broken fibulas and half a dozen or more ribs with pneumos in both lungs. She has a long road of “as-yet-undetermined” months of recovery and rehab ahead of her. We’re doing everything to get back but the problem is, moving isn’t cheap.

Our original travel plan fell through and on top of that our cell phones got cut-off, I Left my job and pulled back on work to open a new business that ate everything penny we had, in anticipation of a swift departure. Now, we can’t afford to get back, we need funds to get a moving truck or van, pay off our phone bills and make the journey.

Anything anyone can do would help, we only have a short time….today is June 8th, we need to leave but the 12th at the absolute latest. We would actually love to leave the 10th. Please donate, if you can. Even $5 will go long way. A greatful mother and son, who are the only bio family we have left, will thank you for the rest of our lives.

– Michael

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