Support for Jayden’s Parents

I found out I was pregnant the day before my 19th birthday, that’s scary enough by itself. My boyfriend and I overcame the fear and became happy and grateful we were bringing life into the world, but my pregnancy story isn’t like any other, its horrible and scary. At just 7 weeks I found out I had an ovarian cyst, that would not only put my life on the line, but my babies life as well. I saw a surgeon and he decided it was best to wait till I was 13 weeks along to remove it, so we waited. When the time came, I was rolled back into the OR, terrified the i would lose my baby. When I came to all I could think about was seeing if my baby was okay. And it was! Recovering from surgery while pregnant wasn’t easy, but I had all of my family and friends to support, and help me. After that life has went background to normal, until we lost our home. We found ourselves pregnant and homeless. We moved into my boyfriends mom’s living room, which was far from ideal when expecting a child, but we had a roof over our heads and food in our mouths, and that’s all that mattered. When I was 19 weeks, we went for our routine anatomy scan, and were so excited when we found out we were having a boy! It was they only thing we could think about, until the doctor told us there was something wrong with our baby boys heart. Fear overcame our joy. We were referred to a specialist OBGYN who could take a better look and tell us what was going on. This led to the most stressful and horrible days off my life, but also the best. We had picked out a name Jayden, he would be called Jayden Gene Naney. The doctor told us he had what was called HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome). It’s a congenital disease, no one’s sure why it happens. It means that my baby had half of a heart. The right side full grown and the left severely underdeveloped. We were told all of the risks, the survival rate and the next steps to take, even the option of termination. We loved our little boy and wanted to bring him into the world so we decided to move forward. The hospital he had to be born at was Sunrise Childrens Hospital in Las Vegas NV. Mind you we were living Reno NV, a whole 8 hours away. So, we went from living in my boyfriends moms living room to scraping up all the money we could and working hard to buy a car and find an apartment in Las Vegas. February 16th, 2019, was the day we made our move. We settled on pretty easy and were prepared to have our baby boy. On April 4th, at 4:26pm we welcomed our little boy into the world with nothing but love. I spent just a could minutes with him before he was taken away to the NICU to be put on medication to keep him alive. One of the hardest things I’ve done as a mother is leave my baby at the hospital when I went home. We visited every single day and loved on him, told him stories, and held him, loved him. On the day of him first, and only, procedure, we were told his defect was too complicated and that there were no treatment options. We went on the make the hardest decision of our lives, taking our baby boy off of all love sustaining support. At 14 days old we saw or baby boy for the first time, with no tubes or wires, no Ivs, no machines. He was perfect, so perfect. We stayed in a comfort Care room with for the first two days, never leaving. And then decided we would take him home, work hopes we would all be more comfortable. The best day of my life was taking my baby boy home! I sing to him, we listened to the birds (his favorite), made clay footprints, and had never ending cuddles. On April 22nd ( the worst day off my life), at just 18 days old, my baby boy gained his wings. Surrounded by family, feeling nothing but love his whole life, my beautiful angel went to his forever home. Through all the hardship and struggle we’ve been through, we want to badly to move back to our hometown and buy a home and settle down, but we’re struggling so hard to do so. We’re asking for help and support as we make our way down such a long, daunting road.

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