Support these two families

Hi everyone thank you for stopping by Im asking for help for a couple of my friends they live in a duplex one is a family of five with 2 kids and an elderly adult and the other is a family 3 with a small child
They are renting this duplex and have been for many years and they got a notice that the duplex was being sold and they had to leave. Asap without any warning! The duplex is tied up in some legal fees and is being sold at auction which is going to leave both these families with nowhere to go. Potentially they could end up homeless in 115+ degree weather The levy officer said they could stay if the amount to the court is satisfied which is roughly 7000! Yeah like the normal person has this lying around??
So I was hoping we could help these two families out and at least give them some money to move with Thank you so much for your time if you are unable to assist financially, prayers and shares are always welcome!

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