Bone Cancer Bites

My lovely wife of 24 years Shannon has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. This is our 4th go with cancer and this time it is not curable. She was first diagnosed with Hodgkins Cancer at 27.. They treated it with radiation only to protect her ability to have children. We have been blessed with a wonderful daughter. The doctors at the time told her that due to the treatments she may get Breast Cancer in 20 years. Almost to the day 20 years later we did find Breast cancer (2009) She was treated and put on a study on Tamoxifen. It was said that if she took it for 10 years she had a 98% chance of not having a recurrence. We were a part of the other 2%. Shannon is still working but we do not know for how much longer.

Over the years we have had to sell of 2 houses to pay the bills incurred. When she can no longer work we will be in danger of losing a third house and our current Medical Benefits. Please help me keep her in her home. We currently have our daughter (a junior in Art School) and Shannon’s Mom living with us!

Anything over 350k will be donated to an organization that supports women with metastasized breast cancer! One of the medications that she is taking costs over 22k a month, There is an organization that helps pay for this! (Thank god) Any donations are a god send but thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated too!

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