Connor’s Recovery Fund

For Connor’s 25th birthday I have decided to start a GoFundMe account. He went to the emergency for an x-ray on  May 20th. He thought he had a cracked rib from a fall. The x-rays revealed a big mass on top crushing his lung and part of his heart. He left the hospital  with devestating news that he’s being  tested for lung cancer. The specialist explained that this mass is on top of his lung therefore could have been cells growing  from when he was a younger boy that developed into a tumour.  Any help would be greatly appreciated to help them pay for  unforseen medical, travel and living  expenses  they are now faced with. They both have no medical insurance coverage and both don’t drive. He is faced with having to take a great deal of time off from work. He had to stop work immediately to go for several tests. He did have surgery today removing a massive tumour the size of a  large grapefruit. We are awaiting tumour analysis. No one plans for these  unforseen events to happen, especially for a young couple just starting out. Together we can make a big difference. Please share and pray. Thank you!

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