Financial Aid for family support, collage & living

I live in Egypt where are the average salary income is about $160 and
after the military coup in 2013 you could say we are living in a economic crisis.
I am jobless since 2016 till now I have a brother and sister that I must
support them, I can’t find a job so I need help till I find a decent job.
Half of the kitchen in the house is destroyed and water heater is not
working, the oven is working with only about 30% and you can’t rely on it for cocking.
My bed is broken and it’s about to collapse.
And to many things need fixing and I don’t have money for any of it.

I want to get scholarship in Germany but they need an English certification and 8000 Euro in the bank. And I need to take this scholarship to get a decent job that will help me to be able to support for my family.

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