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Please help us provide healing and support to beloved Vermont-based healer, Jennifer Kerns. Jenn is a gifted therapist, activist, and healer who recently has experienced rapid deterioration of her health due to long-term exposure to extensive and dangerous mold found all over her apartment by an official mold inspection. Her body has tested positive for several mycotoxins in addition to multiple toxic mold strains.

After experiencing a seemingly-endless succession of illnesses (including respiratory illness, breast lumps, brain fog, fatigue) ever since moving into her Burlington, Vermont apartment 2 years ago, Jenn’s more recent weeks led her current doctor to advise bringing on a leading physician who specializes in the treatment of mold-related illnesses.

This doctor has double-confirmed the presence of a mold-related illness, including toxic levels of molds and mycotoxins in Jenn’s body, has recommended a 2-month minimum medical leave and advised her to vacate her apartment immediately. She awaits an expected full-diagnosis of an Environmentally Acquired Illness or EAI, pending an upcoming MRI.

Her current symptoms include brain swelling, blurred vision, short-term memory loss, depression, extreme fatigue, disorientation, pneumonia-like symptoms, limbic dysfunction, and a compromised immune system, to name a few. She went from fully functional (despite her many symptoms) to unable to drive, work or care for herself in a matter of weeks following a week away from her home (this often stimulates the body’s detox response, called hexing, which is the beginning of healing but is dangerous in its own right).

Jenn has had to shut down her thriving, full therapy practice and move to her parents (out-of-state) in order to recover. Her beloved cats are very sick as well, and both have already had multiple, emergency visits to the vet. Her belongings all have to be either thrown away or professionally cleaned.

While toxic mold exposure is widely recognized as a health hazard, the associated Environmentally Aquired Illnesses (EAI) are not recognized by health insurances and so almost all of her medical expenses and detox therapies have been, and will be out of pocket moving forward.

All this said, we stand in the light of the power of healing. We know that through support- financial, spiritual, emotional and physical- Jenn WILL heal, and go on to enjoy her life’s work in helping heal many, many others.

Jenn’s a devoted activist of the highest caliber, known to turn everything she experiences into wisdom, social change & service for others. This will be no different. Help her to navigate this year ahead, which will make all the difference in the speed and ease with which she is able to fully recover~ in body, mind and spirit.

The breakdown of her costs are outlined below. Should Jenn recovery more quickly than anticipated, this GoFundMe will be immediately ceased, and any moneys donated in excess of her needs will be matched to a charitable organization benefitting the healing of Black Trans Women, as per Jenn’s request.

Thanks for donating as much as you can, and for sharing this with fellow healers, activists and loving people! You can read more about the amazing work Jenn does in the world on her website:

With love & deep gratitude,

Jenn’s Support Team

Breakdown of Funding Needs:
(costs breakdown co-created with Jen’s medical team & bookkeeper):

Dr. Lauren Tessier, ND, Certified Shoemaker Approach Mold Specialist:

Mycotoxin Labs: $1600 -per year

One year of office visits with Dr. Lauren – $3200

Detox Medicine/supplements for one year: $3600

MRI with neuroquant analysis & bloodwork panels- $3500

• MRI with neuroquant analysis to assess for brain atrophy and guide treatment.



DR. SEPI BAZEL, MD, PCP – who will provide me concierge medical services when I return to Vermont.



Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber & Cold Laser Therapy – $4000

— Cold Laser Theray and hyperbaric oxygen therapy have a lot of success in reducing toxic burden, regulating immune functioning and lowering inflammation. Hyperbaric is a treatment that involves breathing in pure oxygen in a pressurized environment that allows oxygen to saturate cells in the body. Therapeutic Cold Laser Therapy is a non-invasive, non-prescription, FDA approved, therapy to treat chronic pain, chronic illness, and promote healing.

Lymphatic Drainage/Massage: $85 (1x month) – $1020

Acupuncture: $70 (2x month) – $840

Nutrition Response Testing: $85 (1x month) – $1020



Dynamic Neural Retraining System – Treatment for Chronic Illness –


“It is not uncommon for individuals with severe chronic health conditions, such as Mold Toxicity, to develop a post traumatic syndrome. They literally experience damage to the area of the brain called the limbic system, the deep structure in the brain responsible for feeling and reacting. The structures which compose the limbic system are the amygdala, the hippocampus, the hypothalamus and the cingulate cortex. Individuals with histories of adverse childhood events, such as neglect and abuse, are more vulnerable to the development of this distressing condition”



3 months medical leave,

3 months part-time

Goal: return to work full time in December.

JUNE (sick, unable to work),

JULY (medical leave),

AUGUST (medical leave)

September- (part time)

October – (part time)

November – (part time)

Total: $7,394.98. Fixed expenses only.




$2175 for 3 month’s medical leave,

Sept/Oct/Nov- part time: 3262.50

Total: $9787.50


Debts already accrued since 6/10/19:

Mold Inspector: $3300

Cat’s Emergency room visit to & current detox medicines: $1320

Dr. Suzy Harris’ office & detox therapies: $800

Dr. Tessier intake & medicine: $1000* (accounted for above)

Professional cleaning services: $400

Cats Professional Grooming: $150.00

HEPA vacuum, HEPA air purifier & new AC unit: $850.00



Professional Movers & storage –


Cat emergency medical fund:




Thank you so deeply for your donation. We’re going to raise $40,000 for Jenn! Help us forge this pathway for an incredible human!

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